Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous experience owning a franchise or business to become a Franchise Partner?

While previous experience is always an asset, we provide comprehensive training and support to all Franchise Partners to ensure they have what they need to operate their business

Can I own multiple franchise locations?

Yes, investors can purchase multiple franchise locations. Please contact us for more information about the opportunities available to investors.

What is the difference between new locations and purchasing an existing franchise?

As an established franchise brand, many of our available locations are existing franchises. Franchises are sold for a variety of reasons, such as retirement, divorce, illness, etc. The investment required to purchase an operating M&M Food Market depends on sales volume, profitability, and other factors. These stores may need renovations or other improvements which should also be factored into your decision.

When opening a new store, you put your own touch on your community and work within your local market to drive busines to your new location. We will provide location, leasing, design, and construction support for your new build.

Information about specific locations and financial details will be provided during the initial meeting with our Franchise Team.

How long does it take to open once I sign the agreement?

There are many factors that go into opening a franchise location. Existing franchises typically take at least 6 months, while new builds can take over a year from franchise agreement, site selection, and lease negotiations to grand opening.

Does M&M Food Market offer financing?

You must have at least 50 percent of the total investment in unencumbered funds to be financially pre-qualified. We have programs available with all major lenders. Please visit your preferred financial institution’s branch to find out about the M&M Food Market program available.